How to use Find my iPhone app

how to use Find my iPhone

Find my iPhone app

If your iPhone is stolen, lost or misplaced you can track your device in google map using this free tool known as “Find my iPhone” app. Let it be iPhone, iPad or iPod you can trace your device with this free app offered by Apple. You can also prevent your data being stolen or erase the data from the lost device by accessing into your iCloud account from another iOS device or through a browser.

In-order to use Find my iPhone app you need to enable it first on your device. Its is always recommended to turn this feature ON. So that next time when your iPhone is stolen, misplaced or lost you can trace it easily and have full access over the device through Find my iPhone app.

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How turn on Find my iPhone.

1.Go to setting.

iPhone settings

2. Tap your device name on the top of your screen.

3. On the next screen click on iCloud.

4. Scroll down and select Find my iPhone.

How to turn on find my iPhone          how to turn on Find my iPhone        How to turn on Find my iPhone

5. Enable Find my iPhone, also Enable Send last location.

How to turn on find my iPhone

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How to use Find my iPhone app

So, imagine you have lost or misplaced your iPhone. Get an another iOS device or use your friends iPhone and follow these steps to trace the lost device.

1. Open Find my iPhone app and login into your iCloud ID. All the devices linked with your Apple ID will be displayed. Choose the device name which you need to trace. Once you choose the device name, app will show you the current location of the particular device in map.

 how to use Find my iPhone

2. Tap on action. Here you will get 3 options play sound, Lock Mode, Erase Mac and also Car icon.

How to use Find my iPhone app     how to use Find my iPhone app     how to use Find my iPhone app

 Playsound  Play sound    : This will help you to find your device if you have misplaced in your home or car. When you tap on, your device will play and audible sound even if it is in silent or vibrate mode.

Lost mode  Lost Mode     : When you put it into lock mode, your iPhone will be locked and no one can access it. You can prevent your data by doing this.  And this also start tracking your device. Once you put your device into lock mode you will get an option to enter a phone number that will display on the Homescreen of your lost device, someone who got your device can contact you through that number.

Erase iPhone  Erase Phone : If you are worried some may access your data. You can remotely erase all the information stored in the device.

Car mode Drive : By clicking on drive you will get the direction to your current place to the precise location of your device.

If you have no other iOS device you can login into your iCloud account through a web browser and do all these actions.

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