How to use Find my iPhone app

how to use Find my iPhone

If your iPhone is stolen, lost or misplaced you can track your device in google map using this free tool known as “Find my iPhone” app. Let it be iPhone, iPad or iPod you can trace your device with this free app offered by Apple. You can also prevent your data being stolen or erase the data from the lost device by accessing into your iCloud account from another iOS device or through a browser. In-order to use Find my iPhone app you need to enable it first on your…

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7 Best protective iPhone cases

Have you ever had that heart breaking moment when your iPhone fell from your hand and soon checking out for the glass breaks or scratches ? The stylish iPhone cases which you are using now cannot guarantee the protection for you smartphone. This happens to most of the iPhone users. You do not have to take chance on your costly iPhone. Are you aware of those iPhone cases that can take all these knocks and still look stylish in your hand? In order to protect your iPhone from all these…

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Best VR apps for iPhone and Android smartphones

VR apps for iphones and android

Since Virtual reality headsets have gained much popularity in the market, many VR apps has been developed for their users. If you have purchased a VR headset and ready to experience the Virtual reality, then these are the best free VR apps for both iPhone and Andriod users which i recommend. Using these apps, with your VR headset you can experience the 360 degree view of various thrilling videos. And the good news is you can watch 360 degree videos in your phone without any VR Headset. But in order to experience the virtual…

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Best free scanner app for iPhone and iPad

iphone scanner app

Scanning documents will help you to keep your important documents safe as a back up copy. With the help of scanner app you can scan your documents with iPhone. This makes it easy for students, business man and others access the documents anywhere at anytime using your iPhone. These are the best free scanner app for iPhone and iPad. Scanbot – Free scan app for iPhone and iPad   Scanbot is another best free scanner app available in the app store. You can scan any type of documents, QR codes, business…

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5 Best smartphone camera lens for photography

Best Mobile camera lens

Are you a person who loves to capture beautiful sceneries. Do you have a hobby of capturing images and share it on social medias like Facebook and Instagram? Are you a ambitious photographer? Simply buying a costly DSLR is out of your budget? Then these smartphone camera lens are for you. These are the best  smartphone camera lens which can make a great impact on your images captured from your traditional phone cameras. 2 in 1 Mobile phone lens 0.42X super fisheye Lens + Macro Lens This smartphone camera lens can be used for professional…

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Cool gadgets to increase storage space in iPhone

Increase iPhone storage space

One of the biggest problem what an iPhone, iPod user face is running out of storage space. This is because unlike other smartphones iPhones does not have a memory slot for a memory cards. The default storage space in iPhone which is 16GB, 32GB and 64GB will run out of space with a few apps, photos and videos. But you don’t have to worry anymore. Technology is much advanced and there is solution for all the problems. Also Read : 7 Best protective iPhone cases. Below are the best and cheap gadgets in…

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