7 Best protective iPhone cases

Have you ever had that heart breaking moment when your iPhone fell from your hand and soon checking out for the glass breaks or scratches ? The stylish iPhone cases which you are using now cannot guarantee the protection for you smartphone. This happens to most of the iPhone users. You do not have to take chance on your costly iPhone.

Are you aware of those iPhone cases that can take all these knocks and still look stylish in your hand?

In order to protect your iPhone from all these threats i have gathered a list of iPhone cases which is tough, stronger and much more protective than the stylish cases you are using rite now.

OtterBox Commuter Series

If you drop your iPhone often and thinking of protecting your smartphone, then OtterBox Commuter Series iPhone cases will definitely work for you. The case have two layer protection , which makes you smartphone damage free from drop and dust. The screen guard can protect the screen from scratches. Products is available with various colors of your choice. You can carry it in your pocket easily as the products is really slim.

strong Iphone case

Supcase Unicorn Beetle case

Supcase Unicorn Beetle case is designed with dual layers of flexible TPU and hard shell. The built-in front cover prevents the iPhone from scratches. The case covers your iPhone from all angel and protect from drop and unwanted dusts. Its flexible to use since the product is designed with a proper and solid cut out for lighting connector, camera and speaker. You can easily carry your iPhone to anywhere using the belt clip swivel holster in the case. Supcase unicorn beetle case is amazingly affordable, with these all level of protection.


Body Glove ShockSuite case

Body Glove ShockSuite is tough and stronger case which can take a hard drop in concrete or in any rough surface without any scratches or breaks in any part of your iPhone. This iPhone case is designed with full covered protection all over the iPhone with built in buttons, ports and screen guard. Secure grip in the case can prevent your iPhone from sudden hand slip. It is light weighted and easy to carry in you pocket, purse or any handbag. While meeting all level of protection, case still looks really slim and stylish without unwanted bulks.

strong Iphone case

Tech21 Evo Elite Case

A slim and lightweight case which can fit in your pocket, purse or bag with a little space. This product is tested by dropping phone from 6.6 feet. Screen protection is not its features like OtterBox Commuter but this case can protect you back and sides of smartphone from drop. Case is designed with built-in volume button and cut out for speaker and camera.

strong Iphone case

Lifeproof Fre Case

One of best protective and toughest iPhone cases in the market. Lifeproof  Fre can protect you iPhone from drop, dirt and snow. Apart from these three basic protection, this product have waterproof rating of IP-68. It can be submerged in water upto 6.6 feet without any damage. Using this case you are free to use your phone in any environment or any terrain. Its has a built-in glass cover for screen protection. When the case insures all kind of protection it is also slim and attractive.


Ballistic Tough Jacket Maxxx series

Ballistic tough jacket is designed with multi layer protection for drop, dust and debris. Big rubbers in the corner can prevent your iPhone from scratches and breaks. This iPhone case can take a hit upto 8 feet high without any damage. Replaceable screen protector can risk free phone scratches, dust, oily and grease. Made with perfect cut out for all buttons and ports. Another feature in this product is rugged Hustler with 180 degree rotating swivel.


Incipio Reprieve Sports case

When you drop your phone from your hand mostly it may land hitting the corner and cause a scratch or even a complete break. The hard bumber in the corner of Incipio reprieve sport can prevent from such threats. Its give a stylish look with transparent body and color at the edges. Perfect cut out in case make easy access to all phone buttons and charging port. One of the disadvantage of this product is case does not offer screen protection.


Let me know which one is you favorite iPhone cases in these list. If i missed any iPhone cases which worth more then these cases, feel free to comment in the comment box.

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